New Michigan-built hybrid bus to revive Fisher body name

The late, great "Body by Fisher" tag is about to begin showing up again, though on totally new and different vehicles than ever before. While the company had previously been a division of General Motors and created every single body for the automaker, it's now focusing on a new and radically different kind of hybrid bus. The Michigan-based company has invented a new stainless steel unibody platform which greatly reduces overall vehicle weight. When combined with a series hybrid drive system using a diesel engine and regenerative braking to charge the batteries, a 300% fuel savings can be realized, according to the company. Fisher Coachworks LLC is led by President and CEO Gregory Fisher, a grandson of one of Fisher Body's foundering members.

Considering the fact that GM's latest 2-Mode hybrid system was originally developed by Allison for bus use, Fisher's intentions to market its technology in the future for other commercial vans and even passenger cars seems distinctly possible.


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