Martin Eberhard's Tesla Roadster spotted

The moment Tesla founder, Martin Eberhard, has worked and waited for should be arriving very soon, now that his Roadster appears to be looking like new again. Of course, the car should have been delivered already. but in a now-famous stroke of bad luck, a technician used it to kiss the back end of a truck on Highway 101 in California on the very day Tesla claimed it was to be delivered.
The members of the TeslaMotorsClub forum who found the photo also report that, according to postings at the official Tesla owners forum, the crash speed was around 10 mph.As such, the car received a new bumper and fenders, indicating that some reports of it being "totaled" were a little overzealous. The above photo bodes well for an impending delivery, and we look forward to hearing how Martin feels about his new custom-painted ride once it is actually in his possession.

UPDATE: According to Tesla, this photo was taken pre-crash. The car is still being re-assembled and should be ready next week. As long as there no more surprises.

[Source: TeslaMotorsClub]

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