Kawasaki announces eight Ninja 250 video finalists

Back in March, we reported that Kawasaki was looking for video submissions from riders who have had favorable experiences on the little bike that could, the Ninja 250. It turns out that Team Green got a few hundred submissions and has placed the top eight finalists on its website. We spent some time going through them and some are better than others. We especially liked the videos from Emily Cohan and Brandon Zambroski. As you might expect, nimble handling, adequate performance and excellent economy -- around seventy miles per gallon according to one owner's video -- . give the small sportbike a lot of appeal.

The Ninja 250 may be the best motorcycle currently available to begin your riding career on, and as more people become interested in making the switch from four wheels down to two, these types of learner-friendly bikes will become increasingly important. With that in mind, the updates that Big Green has made to its beginner bike, including new seventeen inch wheels, upgraded brakes, and much-improved styling, are very welcome indeed.

[Source: Kawasaki]

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