Spy Shots: 2011 BMW X3

Boy howdy does that camouflage make it difficult to suss out what's underneath! BMW's cooking up a new X3, expected to drop in 2011, and the changes don't look to be huge. The smallest SAV – BMW's acronym for Stupid Ass Sports Activity Vehicle – will get rhinoplasty to bring some Concept CS cues to the X3. The heavy camo on the rear windows suggest that BMW might be addressing some of the awkwardness that afflicts the current model, a definite plus. Word is that much sweat will be expended over an updated interior in order to keep up with competitors. A less-hideous X3 that retains its chassis moves while coddling you with a better interior? Sounds good to us, even though we'd still rather have an M3 wagon.
[Source: BMW blog, Photo: Priddy]

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