Lightning GT EV sports car coming this month

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Lightning GT.

This month will see the debut of the Lightning GT electric sports car at the British Motor Show on July 23. The nano-titanate battery pack will provide 740-HP and a 0-60 sprint in just four seconds. Those batteries have also been spaced around the car to give it a 48/52 weight balance, which could theoretically give it the kind of handling to match its looks.

The batteries power four permanent magnet brushless motors, one at each wheel, which negates the need for a gearbox, axles, and transmission -- or transmission troubles. Each wheel will also boast independent traction control and regenerative braking. Inside, the car gets all the mod-cons, including A/C, satnav, and leather.

The makers claim a 90-mile range on a ten-minute charge, and running costs will be at least five times less than a car that gets 50-mpg U.S. That is, of course, assuming the car actually makes it to market. If so, and it's priced somewhere close to the Tesla, it should do well.

[Source: Car Central]

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