Have fun with this political item: biodiesel (D) vs. Hummer (R)

I feel really honored to be able to participate in the AutoblogGreen community, especially when I'm able to get people talking about a political issue (like yesterday, with the "blame a liberal" post) and I want to thank those of you who contributed excellent comments to that post.

Today, I just want to point out a fun post over at Crooks And Liars that shows how two political candidates in Virginia promoted their causes during a Fourth of July parade in Scottsville. The Democrat, somone named Tom Perrielo, rode on a biodiesel-fueled tractor. The Republican, incumbent Virgil Goode, rode through in an enclosed Hummer, according to C&L (see a video after the jump). I'm sure a few of you have a comment or two to leave about this, no?

In any case, I'm about to take a few weeks off and spend some time in Europe. I'll be around a bit tomorrow and the rest of the AutoblogGreen team will keep things humming once I'm out the door, so keep on enjoying the site. Thanks.

[Source: Crooks And Liars]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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