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Hungry for fuel cell news? Fuel Cell Insider arrives

Run by Fuel Cells 2000 (itself a project of the Breakthrough Technologies Institute), a new pro-fuel cell blog called the Fuel Cell Insider is now up and running. As Liz Morgan writes in to AutoblogGreen, FCI will "supplement your hunger for fuel cell knowledge with opinion/editorial pieces and analyses, speeches and presentations, plus guest posts from experts in the field. The purpose is not only to inform, but to engage, and ultimately contribute to the global debate on energy policy for this century and the next." Inform, sure, but let's not miss the stated goal of Fuel Cells 2000: "to promote the commercialization of fuel cells and hydrogen." Just so we know what side of the fence FCI sits on.
There's not much on the new blog as of yet, but that's understandable. If you are indeed hungry for hydrogen news, then perhaps the site is worth adding to your regular reading list. Don't forget, of course, that you can filter AutoblogGreen's news to see just the posts about hydrogen by using this link.

[Source: Fuel Cell Insider]

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