Motor oil from cow fat that biodegrades in days

The gasoline or diesel that goes in the fuel tank is by no means the only petroleum used in cars. Oil is also used as a lubricant to keep all the metal parts sliding smoothly over one another. That lubricating oil needs to be changed periodically as it gets contaminated. Unfortunately a lot of people who change their own oil don't dispose of it properly, leading to contaminated soil and ground water. However, Green Earth Technologies has developed a new oil that isn't made from crude and even biodegrades very quickly. The motor oil is made from saturated fat from beef. After it's done lubricating your engine, you mix it with G-DISPOSOIL which breaks it down almost immediately in to something that can be poured onto the ground. The liquid can be consumed by bacteria in the soil which decomposes 90 percent of the oil within nine days. If anyone tries out G-Oil in their own engines, let us know how it worked out for you.
[Source: EcoGeek]

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