Rumormill: Ford reviving Mustang SVO with 300 hp Ecoboost four

The original Fox body Mustang SVO was an odd-looking chap with an impressive 205 hp turbo four cylinder and more amenities than the standard pony car. While the light little 'Stang had a decent following, it was expensive and somewhat unreliable in comparison to the cheaper V8 model. The demise of the SVO was cheap gas, which is likely two words we'll never use again when discussing the price of petrol.

The crew over at Garage419 have gotten a tip that the stratospheric climb in fuel prices may spawn another SVO Mustang, but this one could pack 300 ponies. The engine of choice could be the tried and true 2.3-liter four banger with the Ecoboost treatment, and weight could drop by 500 pounds by dropping the massive 4.6L V8 and using higher strength steel. The resulting turbo Mustang would blow away its naturally aspirated V8 brother on the track, while giving back at the pump to the tune of a 20-30 percent fuel economy improvement.

Lets see, a 30 mpg Mustang that weighs less and goes faster than its throaty V8 sibling. This sounds like an absolute no-brainer for the Blue Oval, and something that we wouldn't mind having in the Autoblog Garage for a very long time.

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