Toyota recommends driving less to save gas

Since Toyota, like other automakers doing business in the U.S., is currently unable to supply enough hybrids and other small fuel efficient cars to meet consumer demand, they are offering up other suggestions on how to conserve gas. Over on the Open Road blog, they have talked about hypermiling before but there is a solution that saves even more fuel and emissions. In a shocker for a car company, they actually suggest driving less.
As we've discussed before, there are plenty of ways to do just that. First of all, plan ahead. Instead of making separate trips to the store, to school to pick up the kids, and then to the soccer field, time things to make a single trip and plan the sequence to give you the shortest route. Go get a basket for your bike and use that for short trips to the store or a friend's house. If you have mass transit available, take the bus or train. Perhaps most important, just say no to drive throughs. Park the car and walk the 30 feet to get your burger or coffee.

[Source: Toyota]

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