Tata tours its Jaguar dealers

Ratan Tata, the man and mover behind Tata motors, is doing a Meet the Parents tour with Jaguar's oldest and largest U.S. dealers. As the best businesspeople do, he is flying across the States to meet the men and women in charge of his newest brand. Incredibly, it is the first time he has ever stepped inside a Jaguar dealership.

Ratan has probably gone on the whistle-stop tour not only to get to know his dealers, but so his new partners could get a glimpse of the man they've all been wary of ever since Tata emerged as a front-running buyer for the brand. What were dealers telling him? They want they want a convertible sports car like the F-Type, a convertible XJ, and an even more upscale car to compete with Bentley.

Dealer reaction has been effusive. The head of Jaguar's dealer council -- who said India was no place for Jaguar -- reversed himself after meeting Tata, saying flat out, "I was wrong." And said Norm Aron, owner of a 55-year-old dealership in Illinois, "I'm telling you this: He's going to make something out of Jaguar. We're in good hands now." Score one for Mr. Tata, and please, Ratan, keep it up. Thanks for the tip, Mannix!

[Source: Autoweek]

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