Saleen tapped to develop amphibious vehicles for Gibbs

It's been just about a year since we last heard anything about the Gibbs Aquada, which should be coming to American roads and shores near you shortly. Last we heard, Gibbs was looking for an American partner and a place to get some engineering work and production done. At least one of those goals seems to have been met, as reports are now coming in that Saleen, makers of super-fast Mustangs and exotic cars, has been tapped to provide design and engineering work for the U.K. based aquatic vehicle company.

Saleen will be working on the U.S. version of the Aquada, a vehicle which is intended to offer sportscar performance on land and speedboat thrills on the water. Other vehicles from Gibbs include an all-terrain Hummer-style aquatic utility vehicle known as the Humdinga and the Polish Quadski, which combines the capabilities of a four-wheeled ATV and a jet ski.

[Source: WWJ Newsradio]

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