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Rendered Speculation: Fiat Topolino by Paolo Martin

We see a lot of rendered speculation on upcoming models, but they're seldom penned by renowned designers. However as Fiat prepares to revive the classic Topolino, Italian magazine Ruoteclassiche commissioned designer Paolo Martin – former of Bertone, Pininfarina and Ghia – to render his interpretation of how the tiny retro runabout could (or should) look.

Martin says he strove to "maintain the original spirit" of the Topolino, "with similar proportions, protruding front end and fenders, a nearly-identical grille, circular headlamps, short rear overhang and spare tire covered and integrated in the rear tailgate." The Topolino will be built at Fiat's newly-acquired Zastava plant in Serbia as a budget city-car, positioned below the 500, and despite Panda/500 underpinnings could get a rear-engine layout for the 0.9-liter two cylinder engine with DSG and start-stop technology.

[Source: Car Body Design]

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