There are some vehicles which mainstream automakers sell overseas that we wish we could get in the United States. Faux-offroaders like the outgoing Volkswagen CrossPolo (pictured above) aren't among them. The previous CrossPolo (sold as the Polo Dune in the UK) is little more than a some body-cladding applied to the standard hatchback that is supposed to make it look more rugged. Thankfully, the new-generation CrossPolo will actually get the machinery to back up the image: Volkswagen has deemed to outfit the soft-roader with its 4Motion all-wheel-drive system, effectively making this an even smaller brother to the Tiguan crossover and a worthwhile competitor to the upcoming MINI Crossman.

What remains to be seen is whether the new model will carry the same appearance (and badge) as the model it replaces, upgrading the standard Polo with some body-cladding, or whether Volkswagen will give it an even more SUV-like body styled after the Tiguan. Engines options will include 1.2-liter inline-3s with 60-70 hp, a 1.4 liter unit producing 85hp and a range-topping 1.2-liter TSI pumping 105 horses through those four little wheels, while diesels will be offered along the same output range along with a Bluemotion powertrain option.

[Source: AutoExpress via]

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