Toyota Yaris 5-door rolls into U.S. for '09

Click above image for a gallery of the 5-door Yaris

How do you know gas prices are high? Well, for one thing, your wallet feels a whole lot lighter after you fill up your car. Another indicator is that Toyota is adding a second Yaris liftback to its U.S. lineup. So much for the red-white-and-blue being averse to hatches. For the '09 model year, we're finally getting the 5-door Yaris hatch, which has been available in other markets, including Canada, since the current car arrived in 2005. The 5-door is basically the same size as the three-door, but the added points of entry make for a more usable overall package, especially if you're going to be using the back seats often. Parents, for one, should be pleased with the new offering. Other changes made to the Yaris range for '09 include the addition of standard front side and rear curtain airbags and the addition of optional cruise control for the Liftback. Toyota hasn't announced pricing yet, but it should be in line with what it already asks for the 3- and 4-door cars. Photos of the U.S. market car haven't been released yet, but the enclosed gallery of the UK-market version show you just about all you need to know. Just mentally flip that steering wheel over to the other side.

[Source: Toyota]

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