Hawaii gets $$ to study electric cars

The only place we can think of that is more perfectly suited for electric cars than an island is an island paradise far, far away from the mainland. Hawaii, for instance. It seems the thought also occurred to them as they have already been in talks with Project better Place and still keep the first EV in Hawaii on hand. Now, to help them out with their electric-car contemplation comes a grant of 50,000 big ones from the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices. Obviously not a king's ransom, the money is better, to paraphrase Frank Sinatra, than a kick in the pants.

Actually, Hawaii and the Department of Energy are partnered in the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative which aims to have 70 percent of the islands energy derived from renewable sources and the money is in support of that program. Governor Linda Lingle also sees the economic advantages in moving transportation in this direction. She says, "This grant will help Hawaii build the foundation needed to transition to electric vehicles and help reduce the need for expensive gasoline...". And expensive it is, with people paying as much as $4.75 a gallon for regular within the past few days.

[Source: Pacific Business News]

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