Honda publishes new environmental progress report

Honda this week issued its annual environmental report card on itself. And as you might have guessed from a public self examination they did pretty well. Actually it should be no surprise for Honda to do well, because they have always built some of the cleanest, most efficient products in their classes. The company has set itself a variety of targets for reducing CO 2 emissions from products and facilities as well as a general reduction in environmental footprint. Most of the targets cover reductions by 2010 compared to 2001 levels. Car CO 2 emissions are down six percent on their way to targeted 10 percent reduction while motorcycles are already down 11.2 percent. Vehicle recycling rates are beyond the targets with Honda cars now 77.8 percent recyclable and motorcycles 84.6 percent. The rest of the numbers are available at the Honda link as is the full report in Japanese.

[Source: Honda]

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