Fuel is a pretty darn precious commodity these days, wouldn't you say? We're all concerned with getting the most out of every single drop of the stuff, but we still think its an interesting bit of commentary on the current state of fuel prices that somebody's looking to offload some leftover diesel that he's not going to be using any longer. It seems that our man not only fills up his fuel-guzzling '83 Suburban with good ol' No. 2, but he also fills up some extra containers in the back while he's at it. After his 'Burb's tranny took a dump, he had no need for the extra juice, so on to Craigslist it went. If anybody out there is looking to save some scratch on about eleven gallons of diesel, and you live in the SF Bay area, click here. Thanks for the tip, Soo!

[Source: Craigslist]

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