400-hp Aspid roadster coming to London Motor Show

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While we can't get enough of the Caterham and all its copycats, the one thing we've never said to ourselves is, "This needs a roof, some luxury amenities and 400 horsepower." But that's exactly what IFR Automotive has done with the Aspid. IFR is an acronym for the engineer that founded the firm, Ignacio Fernandez Rodriquez, whose former employers include Prodrive and the Mitsubishi WRC team. Rodriquez wanted to create a track-day masterpiece that would not only confirm to FIA safety standards and European homologation requirements, but also offer a level of luxury and refinement previous unseen on other track-bound whips.

The result is a lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber structure that tips the scales at around 1,550 pounds. Two engines will be available when the production model hits the streets later this year, including a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter producing 270 hp, or a 400-hp turbocharged version of the same mill. Power will be sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox and a limited-slip differential. With that kind of power to weight ratio (570 hp per ton), IFR is predicting a 0-62 run of 2.8 seconds, a 0-100 sprint of 5.9 seconds and a maximum (restricted) speed of 155 mph. Slowing and turning the Aspid should be equally dramatic, with the lightweight coupe halting from 100 mph in three seconds flat and hitting 1.6 g of lateral acceleration.

All that mind-boggling performance will come at a cost, so when you place your order after the Aspid's debut at the London Motor Show next month, you'll be expected to cough up £75,000 before you can take delivery next summer. Press release below the fold.

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IFR Automotive reveals track car

A new sports car boasting luxury fitments and high performance has been announced by engineering consultancy IFR Automotive.

Known as the Aspid, IFR has sought to create a track car with everyday levels of usability and, importantly for cars like this – reliability.

It's also a technology showcase for demonstrating the company's design and engineering capabilities.

Aspid prototypes feature a 2-litre engine; either naturally aspirated to deliver 270bhp or supercharged to 400bhp.

Power is delivered to the rear wheels through a manual 6-speed gearbox and limited-slip differential.

Use of aluminium and carbon fibre has resulted in weight of just 700kg and the resulting 570bhp-per-tonne power-to-weight ratio enables 62mph (100km/h) in 2.8 seconds and 100mph (160km/h) in 5.9 seconds.

"The Aspid has been engineered to deliver a high level of driving pleasure," says company founder, managing director and automotive engineer Ignacio Fern?ez Rodriquez, whose initials give IFR Automotive its name.

Formerly with Prodrive, Rodriquez subsequently joined the Mitsubishi World Rally Championship team as race engineer for Alister McRae and Fran?s Delecour.

Rodriquez founded IFR Automotive in 2003 and began work immediately on the new sports car project, while handling confidential car and commercial vehicle assignments from industry clients.

With a long list of options, and each one tailored to the precise needs of each individual customer the anticipated base price is £75,000 and upwards per Aspid.

The car will be displayed at the British International Motor Show in London docklands from Wednesday 23 July to Sunday 3 August 2008.

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