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VW design chief wants a return to 'basics'

If you look back over the years, Volkswagens have been steadily marching toward the gaudy. We're not talking Sagrada Familia amazingness, but chromey, buck-toothed, overwrought fussiness. Walter Da'Silva is out to change all that by realigning Volkswagen design with its past. That doesn't mean that every VeeDub becomes a K.D.F Wagen throwback like the New Beetle, but certain proportions and themes from the historical portfolio will define the design language.

Da'Silva expounded on his efforts with CAR, and used a lot of adjectives to tart up what's simply a course correction of Volkswagen styling. Look for the next Passat to be de-chromed and given a nose and tail treatment that follows a tighter brand template. Basically, what Da'Silva really wants to do is forget that the last eight years happened, and bring new VW designs more in line with the Wolfsburg of the late 1990s. If we could pipe up with our votes, we'd like to see the classic angularity of the Mk1 Golf come back -- Citi Golf, anyone?

[Source: CAR]

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