Thinking Small: Koenigseder wide-body Smart ForTwo

Click for a hi-res gallery of the Koenigseder Smart ForTwo

"Wide-body" is a relative term. An SUV or a supercar decked out with a wide-body kit? Pimpin'. But a smart ForTwo? Well, it's wider, sure.

Koenigseder is known for modifying big SUVs, but with this kit it's gone decidedly smaller. The Austrian tuning house's package for the diminutive Smart car widens the body by over an inch, which we're not sure is so Smart for a vehicle designed to park sideways in tight spots. The kit also includes 17" rims, which look positively monstrous on such a tiny car, plus Eibach springs, an aero kit, some subtle floral decals and even environmentally-friendly floor mats. Check the action out in the gallery by clicking the thumbnails below.

[Source: Koenigseder via Inside Line]

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