What would you call this thing? A Prelude SUC*? A Preludamino? A Prelude Brat? A Ridgelude? The seller, for his part, bills it as a "Cruck." With the careful adaptation of a Datsun Pickup liftgate, this cut and restyled 1989 Prelude Si was possibly a prelude to the atrocity wonder that would eventually be known as the Honda Ridgeline. It is said to feature a four-cylinder with an automatic, and able to get 38 mpg. Thank goodness it "was built under professional supervision of experienced body technicians," as we'd hate to think that any average schmo cut and pasted this Prelude. The work must be halfway decent, as it serves as daily transport for the seller and still features such luxuries as "power windows, sunroof, heat and a/c, cd player, power steering and functional tailgate." As it sits it's a fitting testament to ingenuity and another answer to a question nobody asked. Only $2,500 though. Thanks for the tip, Tom!

* Sports Utility Car

[Source: craigslist]

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