Beijing finally cutting down on traffic to reduce pollution during Olympics

There had been some speculation about Beijing's plans to force traffic restrictions in order to reduce the city's pollution for the Summer Olympic Games. At first, traffic restrictions were proposed but they were axed, then proposed again. We also saw some other creative measures to control pollution with limited resources and available time.
Nevertheless, this time it seems that restrictions are for real:

First, from July 20 to September 20, vehicles registered in Beijing with license plates ending in an odd number will only be allowed on the roads every other day. So, on days when odd numbered license plates will be allowed, vehicles with license plates ending in an even number will be banned. Taxis, ambulances, postal delivery, and other public vehicles will be exempt.

Second, Beijing's public workers have been instructed to leave their cars at home and use nothing but mass transit until the Olympic games have ended. According to the European Space Agency, the Chinese capital and neighboring provinces have the world's highest levels of NOx.

[Source: Chinacartimes]

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