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No surprise: 5-door Land Rover LRX rumored

Britain's Autocar says that Land Rover will follow up the introduction of the production 3-door LRX with a more practical 5-door edition as well. We loved the compact and sporty LRX concept, and we're glad Land Rover is going to produce a 3-door that should closely mimic its appearance. That said, the word that it'll also be joined by a 5-door is completely unsurprising, as the additional entrances make the LRX a more appealing suburban recon vehicle. After all, it's a lot easier to haul the kids to ballet class and Little League when they have doors of their own to clamber in and out of. Autocar's sources also told the pub that a hybrid drivetrain -- a key element of the concept car -- is also expected to find its way into the mix, given current concerns regarding fuel economy and vehicle emissions. Look for the LRX to debut in 2011. If the production car winds up being anywhere near as good-looking as the concept, there should be no shortage of them in neighborhood garages and driveways shortly thereafter.

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[Source: Autocar]

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