Gingrich presents three ways to lower gas prices

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With fuel prices skyrocketing worldwide, everyone is clamoring for a solution. So, who better to turn to for a conservation plan than a leading Conservative? Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, presents a three-part plan that entails tapping into the Strategic Oil Reserves, the deregulation of offshore oil drilling, and investment in alternative fuel technologies. According to our old pal Newt, "What you've got to have is a rational plan that says: Here's how you punish the speculators this morning, here's how you produce more energy in the near future, and here's how you have breakouts that are fundamental."

Gingrich might not have the clout in the green community that his rival Al Gore enjoys, but does that mean he doesn't have a point? Follow the jump to watch the video of his speech and leave your thoughts in the comments section below (just keep it civilized).

[Source: American Solutions via The Auto Channel]

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