Search strings indicate motorcycle interest on the rise

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There are many ways to judge how various industries are heading, including the automobile market. While current sales are the most obvious indicator in consumer interest and preferences, internet searches can also be used as an interesting indicator. As tech-savvy individuals research future purchases, especially major ones like a vehicle, search strings can offer insight into coming trends, so it's of particular interest to note that there are four motorcycle searches showing in the current top ten search strings in the automotive category.

Gone are any searches at all for sport utility vehicles, with models from Hummer being replaced by motorcycles from Honda. Also interesting is the position that smart holds in the minds of internet researchers. It's clear from these trends that high gas prices will be making an even larger impact on the overall transportation market than they already are. Not surprisingly, the two biggest click-generators are Toyota and Honda, companies which offer the most fuel efficient line of vehicles in the United States. Times, they are a changin...

[Source: ClickZ via Motorbiker]

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