Siriusly: Lamborghini offering lifetime satellite radio subscriptions

Buy a Lamborghini and be prepared to shell out big bucks... not just for the initial purchase (or the more likely financing arrangement), but for operational costs throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. Even before the warranty runs out, you're looking at big figures for gas, new tires, the inevitable scraped chin spoiler... At least Murcielago buyers have one less upkeep fee to worry about now, as Lamborghini has hammered out a deal with Sirius to provide lifetime subscriptions to its satellite radio service.

A couple of obvious questions arise. For one, who would want to listen to the radio when there's a sonorous V12 revving behind your head? Aside from that, however, is the uncertainty over the future of Sirius service with its impending merger with rival service provider XM. We'd like to think that few LP640's will be sitting still long enough to worry about that, though.

[Source: Inside Line]

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