A human powered one-wheeled Segway?

Say what you will about the Segway, but perhaps it was a vehicle just a bit ahead of its time. Consider its record sales in the face of record high gasoline prices as proof positive that consumers are looking for ways to get around without using fossil fuels pumped into tanks. There is certainly something to be said for an urban runabout which allows you to arrive at your intended destination without being drenched in sweat. Still, it's that electric powertrain which makes the Segway and its ilk so expensive, so perhaps some human power is in order after all.
Take a look at the unicycle transport vehicle by designer Regimantas Vegele, which combines the motion of an eliptical excercise machine with a unicycle to create one rather unique contraption. Safety certainly seems to be a possible problem with this thing, wouldn't you think? If you want to use human power to get around, may we suggest the good old bicycle?

[Source: Yanko Design via Gizmodo]

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