Buy a brick from a fallen Flint assembly plant

Our first thought was "Boy, retirement plans sure ain't what they used to be." Reality, of course, is more banal, it's just UAW Local 651 going all nostalgic while demolition of the Flint East plant continues. The plant's last occupant was Delphi, but the plant has a history nearly as long as the automotive industry itself. With that much provenance, Local 651 is most likely right in assuming that some former workers might want to have a brick from the plant to put on their mantle. Michiganders looking for a memento will need to sign up on next Tuesday so the union can get a bead on how many people are interested. We'd like to sign up for the return of industry and good blue collar jobs, nevermind the old bricks.

[Source: Detroit Free Press, Photo: Getty/Jim Pugliano]

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