Laboratory crash testing is a great tool to give automakers and the public an idea of how well a vehicle might protect passengers in an accident. However, there can be a huge difference in crash simulations involving dummies with sensors and real world crashes involving real world people. As you may have guessed from the headline and the smashed Smart fourtwo pictured above, we have some real world crash results to share with you.

While driving along on I-95 in Connecticut at 70 mph, a fourtwo driver who goes by the name of "evilbean42" on the Smart Car of America forum (SCOA), was on the receiving end of a bump from a car which had been bumped by a car which had veered from the exit lane into the next, somewhat occupied, lane. The momentum sent the Smart into the guard rail off of which it bounced "like a ping pong ball" and rolled three times back across the highway into the opposite guardrail whereupon it righted itself. The seat-belted evilbean42 opened the door and emerged unscathed, thanks to his Smart friend.

It seems the first thing to cross the accident victim's mind was, Oh my God! I need to get an orphan! (Orphan appears to be SCOA forum-speak for a Smart car shipped to North America whose would-be owner had a change of heart). We wish evilbean42 the best of luck in his orphan quest and thank him for demonstrating that the Smart is not only good on gas but also safe in a crash.

Changed "Four Two" to "fourtwo". Thanks "gotsmart".

[Source: SCOA] Thanks to Ryan for the tip!

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