Here is a pretty smart vending machine

When the smart brand was initially launched in Europe, the vehicles were featured in some very unusual manners. For instance, towers of smart fortwo cars were placed inside glass containers, which looked sort of like the spinning display stands for watches. These displays made sense considering the idea for the vehicle originally came from Swatch. Now, though, it looks as if smart's parents, Daimler, have continued the innovative marketing approach with a smart vending machine. As cool as it would be if the vending machine actually offered little cars, it instead dispenses brochures for both the smart coupe and cabriolet.

From what we can tell, this vending machine is from Japan, which isn't surprising considering how gadget obsessed young people in that country tend to be. We have seen something similar to this in American Mini dealerships, though those displays don't actually feature a real car inside the glass container.

[Source: via Gizmodo]

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