Correction: Diesel Maxima coming with automatic and maybe a stick

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You know how it goes with the rumormill. Sometimes it tends to be spot-on in its predictions; sometimes... not so much. Such is the case with recent reports that the upcoming clean diesel engine in the Nissan Maxima would be equipped with a manual transmission only. As we reported at the time, a move like that would surely limit the new diesel's appeal to the stick-averse American buying population, and therefore hurt sales. Fear not, slushbox fans, Motive has confirmation from an engineer at Nissan that the Maxima, even in diesel form, will in fact be offered with an automatic transmission as standard. Moreover, it's the shift-it-yourself gearbox that now seems a bit unlikely. As much as we enjoy the thought of rowing our own gears with tons of diesel-supplied torque on hand, delivering the Maxima with an automatic is surely the right choice to make.

[Source: Motive]

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