Officially Licensed NASCAR chopper seems a bit pricey

For those who just can't get enough NASCAR in their lives comes the Officially Licensed NASCAR 60th Year Motorcycle Series. The bikes were commissioned by Destination Daytona and built by Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles. Specifications include a genuine Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 110B motor matched to one of HD's new six-speed overdrive transmissions. While it's not a bad looking bike with its black-and-red paint scheme and whitewall tires, we question whether the fact that it's status as one of 60 officially licensed bikes makes it worth the $48,600 asking price. After all, there is nothing revolutionary about the bike, and it could be replicated for way less money. Just saying...

Whatever your particular opinion regarding the pricing, the bikes do come with some perks, like tickets to a private VIP motorcycle delivery event at the Coke Pavilion at Destination Daytona on July 3, along with tickets to the race that weekend. For the true circle track junkie, perhaps that would make the bike a better deal. The last bike, serial number 60, will be auctioned off to benefit Kyle Petty's Victory Junction charity in Daytona during the weekend of the Coke Zero 400, which will run as it usually does on the first Saturday of July.

[Source: Bruce Rossmeyer via Cyril Huze Blog]

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