Toyota wants you to know it has the most fuel efficient line

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Toyota and Honda have battled it out as the greenest automaker these last few years pretty much no matter how you look at it. Honda may have beat Toyota to the hybrid punch with its inaugural Insight model, but there is no arguing that the Prius is the green car standard by which others are judged. Last year, Honda was anointed the Greenest Automaker by the Union of Concerned Scientists, partly because it boasted the highest average fuel efficiency of its entire fleet of cars. Could that status be in danger? Perhaps, and Toyota would like you to know that its line is this year's most fuel efficient. How so? According to the press release pasted after the break, Toyota currently offers eight models which get better than thirty miles per gallon on the highway according to the EPA ... if the Camry hybrid is counted as a separate model from the normal Camry and the Scion xD is included. Additionally, the fuel economy numbers are those used by the NHTSA for CAFE standards, which are not the same as the numbers reported by the EPA. Is all of this just picking nits? Maybe, but there is no arguing that both Toyota and Honda are tops when it comes to the mile per gallon race.

Press Release:

Toyota Offers the Best Overall Average Fuel Economy of any Full-Line Automaker

Through advances in engine design and hybrid technology, Toyota has a wide selection of fuel-sipping cars and the best overall average fuel economy of any full-line manufacturer.*

With gas prices at an all-time high, Toyota has seven models with EPA-rated highway fuel economy of 30 miles per gallon (mpg) or higher such as the four-cylinder Camry, Camry Hybrid (counted as separate model), Solara, Corolla, Matrix, Yaris and Prius. America's favorite hybrid, the Toyota Prius, is the company's highest-mileage vehicle with an EPA highway rating of 45 mpg.

With the addition of the fuel-efficient Scion xD model, the total number increases to eight models.

Among the technological advances contributing to Toyota's fuel economy numbers are Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive(R), variable valve timing with intelligence (VVT-i), improvements in fuel injection technology, Toyota's drive by wire system, transmission enhancements and lighter weight vehicle materials.

4-CYL. CAMRY 31 mpg
SOLARA 31 mpg
COROLLA 35 to 37 mpg
MATRIX 31 to 33 mpg
YARIS 35 to 36 mpg
PRIUS 45 mpg
SCION xD 32 to 33 mpg

*According to Corporate Average Fuel Economy filed with NHTSA

[Source: Toyota]

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