Pilgrim International begins producing composite RVs

As was just pointed out on this very blog the other day, the Recreational Vehicle (RV) market has been hit extremely hard by the recent rising fuel prices. As you have probably noticed yourself, diesel prices have seen rather unprecedented increases, and it's these large and powerful vehicles which are often used to pull trailers. Manufacturers of RVs which are not powered themselves can do little when it comes to increasing the efficiency of the vehicle doing the heavy lifting, but they can lower the weight of the trailer itself, which, of course, will only help when it comes to overall fuel efficiency. To that end, Pilgrim International has created two new lines which rid the trailer of wood structures and replace them with lighter-weight composites. Though RVs have been using fiberglass composites for years, most of the structure was still made from wood and steel. In one case, the structure was lightened so much that its steel chassis could be lightened by six-hundred pounds. We'd expect to see more companies follow in the path of Pilgrim when it comes to the lightening of the load.
Press Release:

Exclusive Introduction Event Scheduled for Key RV Dealerships

Pilgrim International, Inc. (Pilgrim) announced today that it will be unveiling the RV industry's first production built composite units at a special "invitation only" event to be held on June 25th. The day will include a tour of the manufacturing facilities where the composite travel trailers and fifth wheels are being produced, followed by a grand unveiling of the new ULTIMA(C) ComposiLite and SUPRA(C) ComposiLite brands. "This is the most excited I have ever been in my thirty years in this industry," commented Dave Hoefer, Founder of Pilgrim International. "These units are the beginning of a revolution in the RV industry. They are so much lighter and stronger than anything (this industry) has ever seen."

"The weight savings by replacing wood with CosmoLite composites is so dramatic that we are able to use less steel in the chassis." Continued Hoefer, "In fact, we have one fifth wheel floor plan where just the chassis itself is six hundred pounds lighter!"

Interest in the composite RVs has spiked since Pilgrim showed the first prototype model at the Industry's Trade show last November. "It was really a 'perfect storm' of circumstances that has created so much excitement in our composite program," said Doug Lantz, Chief Operating Officer. "The rising cost of fuel has created a demand for lighter weight products, the fact that the composite materials are formaldehyde free, and our commitment to these units being Eco-friendly culminated in a huge wave of interest."

Key RV dealerships from the United States and Canada will be in attendance as well as many of the key supplier-partners responsible for the creation of the Composite units. The event is being held at Spring Meadow Golf Course in Middlebury, Indiana. Additional event information or requests for invitations are available by contacting VP of Marketing Jerry Sell at (574) 825-8686.

About Pilgrim International, Inc.

Pilgrim International, Inc. manufactures high quality, mid-price range trailers and fifth wheel RVs. The company continues with its award-winning design and innovation, building environmentally conscious products utilizing state-of-the-art thermoplastic composite materials. In November 2007, Pilgrim introduced the first all-composite travel trailer using the new CosmoLite thermoplastic fiber-reinforced composite.

[Source: Pilgrim International]

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