EU calls for "health warnings" on car ads

How much do marketing angles play into consumer choices? The European Union apparently thinks a lot. For instance, we've recently seen all tobacco sponsorships pulled from motorsports, such as the world's most popular, Formula 1. Now it seems that automobile advertisements will be the next form of media ordered to clean up its act. Potential new rules that are currently in draft form and up for review by the College of Commissioners call for the inclusion of fuel consumption and carbon emission warnings on all vehicle advertisements, just like health warnings are included on packs of cigarettes. It is suspected that the legislation follows a previously published report that suggests 20 percent of every automobile ad should address environmental concerns. Arguments against the proposition claim that it will lead to lost revenue from decreased advertising by automakers who don't want to publicize how dirty their cars are. Would the Bugatti Veyron buyer really be swayed from his or her decision by seeing a single digit city fuel economy rating staring back from within the pages of Robb Report? We think not.

[Source: Autocar UK]

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