Spyshots: Citron C3-based minivan

The rumors seem to be confirmed: Citroën could be preparing a small minivan based on the new platform that will be used for the upcoming C3. This minivan has a lot of company; witness the Renault Modus (based on the Renault Clio), the Opel Meriva (based on the Corsa), the Fiat Idea (based on the Punto) and the Nissan Note. Citroën has already four other minivan models: the Xsara Picasso based on the old Xsara, the C4 Picasso, the Grand C4 Picasso and the C8. While minivans might not be the first vehicles you think of when it comes to greener driving, one good thing about these people movers (especially the European-sized versions) is that they offer lots of room to carry children without burning too much fuel. It's not impossible to find models that produce fewer than 120 g/km CO 2.
[Source: Autoexpress]

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