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Fiat will make diesel engines and cars with Sollers in Russia

Fiat's expansion continues. Following word of the possible return of the brand to the U.S. - in the form of the shapely Fiat 500 - there's news from the International Herald Tribune that Fiat will begin building and selling the Linea sedan (above) in Russia and will also make up to 90,000 diesel engines a year there. Through two joint-venture agreements (one with Fiat Group and Sollers and the other with Fiat Powertrain Technologies and Sollers), production at the Sollers JSC plant where the Fiat Ducato LCV is currently made will be ramped up to also build up to 50,000 Linea sedans annually, starting later this year. If we could just get Fiat to start building that crazy Phylla solar-powered concept car somewhere in the world, we'd be getting somewhere.

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[Source: International Herald Tribune, thanks to Justin C. for the tip]

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