Chevy Beat seen on the set of Transformers 2

General Motors enjoyed an advance marketing bonanza for the Chevy Camaro by having it play one of the Autobot heroes in Transformers last summer. People who were otherwise unaware of GM's ponycar revival got a heavy dose of it in the blockbuster, and it has been on everyone's (not just enthusiasts') radar ever since. It looks like the General will once again have a heavy presence in the film's sequel. Last week, for example, it was revealed that the HUMMER HX concept will be seen.

Now, we get word of another new model's appearance on the set. And this time, it's something ABGers might be interested in. While filming at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, Transformers fans with cameras at the ready snagged the Chevy Beat hiding out under a cover. As you can see in the photo above, the Beat is parked next to the Camaro that's reprising its role as Bumblebee. The Beat's appearance is about as close as we'll get to official confirmation (for now) that we will see the Beat in North America after all. Popping it in Transformers 2 will generate a ton of interest in the little hatchback, which is obviously a natural market fit in this new era of $4.00/gal gasoline. Like the Camaro last summer, there's no better way to present the new model to a wide cross-section of the general public than by putting it front-and-center in a sure-fire box office blockbuster. Thanks to Cory for the tip!

[Source: TFLAMB]

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