Thousands take part in world-wide nude bicycle ride

If you live in a major city on just about anywhere on the planet and had reason to be out and about Saturday afternoon you may have noticed a large group of cyclist causing traffic chaos. It wasn't only that they were on a large group ride, in many cases carrying signs protesting pollution and promoting cycling, they were also naked. Yup. Nuda. Divested of apparel. Disrobed. Attired in only their birthday suits.

Apparently, June 7th was the fourth annual "World Naked Bike Ride Day" according to the official (NSFW) website. (There's also a safer wiki.) While we aren't sure if the ride was effective in helping end "indecent exposure to vehicle emissions," we are pretty sure lots of people enjoyed the happening and are already looking forward to next year's edition of this increasingly popular event. One last thing, if you do want to bicycle naked, do it as part of an organized effort and not solo in Oklahoma.

[Source: / enjoy your]

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