Report: GM to purchase Cobasys

While the issue of the nine-thousand recalled batteries from Cobasys remains a bit murky, General Motors may be inclined to just purchase the troubled battery-maker altogether. While we're not entirely sure that another money-losing operation is exactly what GM needs right about now, we can be sure that GM needs those nickel metal hydride batteries for its current range of mild hybrids. Right now, Cobasys is co-owned by Chevron and Energy Conversion Devices, though the two companies have been bickering a bit as of late regarding their joint-ownership responsibilities. It was revealed in court that some sort of offer to purchase Cobasys was being considered, which put an early end to those proceedings.

It's difficult to say what impact the purchase of Cobasys could have on future hybrid offerings from General Motors. We're certain, though, that fuel efficiency is on the minds of consumers these days, so we'd be surprised if GM didn't have big plans for the fuel-saving technology in the near future.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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