Motorcycles get pole position in Spain

You know how it is when you're in traffic. Everyone thinks they're Mario Andretti or Danika Patrick while jostling for the prize of pole position at the upcoming traffic light so that when it turns green they can speed off without any impedance for a least half a block. Certain cities in Spain have decided, however, that it will do you no good to do the blacktop boogie unless you are on a motorbike. Yes, those Spaniard civil-engineering smartie pants realize that motorbikes are not only greener than cars but that they accelerate faster and therefore deserve the added safety and prestige of the front row. If you've ever watched Formula One racing you know that the most dangerous place to be is somewhere mid-pack where everybody seems to want to occupy the same real estate as someone else. The front row doesn't usually have that problem (until the first turn anyway.)

According the, Barcelona was the first to come up with the innovation but now Madrid has followed, though their "grid" has a less colorful paint scheme. We doubt this idea will make the journey across the pond but think it's a pretty good one. Click the pic above for more images.

[Source: via The Scooter Scoop ]

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