Vibering concept warns of impending vehicles

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Safety is obviously of paramount concern with automobiles, whether we are talking about big, bad performance vehicles or fuel-sipping hybrids. We are also concerned not only with the safety of those kept inside the vehicle, but also with pedestrians outside as well. As has been discussed on these very pages, there is an ongoing concern having to do with the safety of blind individuals and hybrid or electric vehicles which don't have a running internal combustion engine to warn people of their presence. Deaf people could also use a bit of a helping hand under certain circumstances.

Here is a novel idea, created by a team of designers named Kwang-Seok Jeong, Min-hee Kim and Hyun-joong Kim which would offer some help with the aforementioned situation. Rings worn by deaf persons would be able to sense hybrid or electric vehicles and would vibrate with varying intensity depending on where the vehicle is located and how far it is from the wearer. Besides helping locate vehicles, the rings could also be preprogrammed to listen for other designated sounds.

[Source: Yanko Design via Jalopnik]

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