GM shareholders upset over Wagoner's pay

Considering the sorry state of financial affairs that GM appears to be in, it seems extremely unsurprising that the board would like to see some big changes made at the very top of the company. What is a little shocking, though, is just how soundly the specific proposals were rejected. For instance, a proposal sponsored by John Chevedden of Redondo Beach, California, which would have given shareholders an annual advisory vote on executive compensation and pay, found less than 38-percent of voters in support. Another proposal which was soundly defeated would have tied executive stock options and awards with company performance.
Still, there were some vocal company detractors present at the annual shareholders meeting, such as Mary Ann Wiley from Seattle, Washington. She told GM CEO Rick Wagoner, "If the company does not do well, management should take an equal hit, and I don't think they've taken an equal hit." Wagoner's $15.7 million dollars worth of compensation for 2007 is as drop in the bucket compared to GM's reported loss for the same calendar year, so it seems obvious that there is a bit more to the problem than overpaid executives. Still, a little shake-up seems like a distinct possibility if things don't improve quickly.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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