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Honda Civic shoots to the top of the sales charts for May

In a generally awful sales month in May, one car had an exceptionally hot reception in the marketplace. In a month where the Ford F-Series pickup tumbled from the overall top spot for first time since 1981, the Honda Civic raced to the top of the heap. Civics sales jumped by over 28 percent from May 2007 to an all-time record of 53,299, which included 4,676 hybrid models. Also topping 50,000 sales for the month were Toyota's Corolla and Camry. Even the Accord beat the F-Series with 43,728. The Japanese brands weren't the only ones to benefit from high gas prices. In spite of its dubious styling, the new Ford Focus jumped 53 percent to 32,579 and Ford has increased its build target for the year from 245,000 units to 280,000. GM is also benefiting from the shift to cars with Cobalt sales up 19 percent, Malibu up 34 percent and Aveo up 29 percent.

[Source: Detroit News]

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