Bentley recalls over 13,000 Continentals

The fact that there's 13,000 Bentley Continentals out there takes us a little by surprise. The last time Bentley issued a recall, fewer than 600 cars were involved. We know the Continental has been hugely popular for Bentley, but with those types of numbers, it must be one of the most popular Bentley vehicles ever. Unfortunately, owners of 2004-2008 Continental GT, GT Speed, Flying Spur, and GTC should pay the dealer a visit for a recall campaign. Road salt can potentially eat through the fuel filter housing, allowing fuel spray, and potentially leading to fire. Fail to heed the warnings, and you should at least consider packing the glovebox with marshmallows to roast once the inferno breaks out. Thanks for the tip, Rick

[Source: usrecallnews]

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