Porsche most desirable brand among stinking rich

The Luxury Institute surveyed 1,642 affluent Americans to see which brands stood out among the crowd of luxury automakers, and Porsche made out as the overall winner. The survey participants make an average of $349,000 per year and have a net worth of $3.7 million, and they're surveyed on customer service, quality, exclusivity, and that overall warm and fuzzy feeling one gets about a given brand. Porsche received high marks for its uniqueness in the marketplace, as well as for the company's strong focus and attention to detail.

Lexus and Mercedes rounded out the top three, with Lexus achieving the highest overall purchase consideration and Mercedes receiving demerits for its past ownership of Chrysler. Ouch. BMW finished in fourth place, due in part to Bimmer fans' displeasure over the brand's styling and overly complicated tech like iDrive. Japanese automakers scored highest with regards to customer satisfaction, with Lexus, Acura, and Infinity landing in the top three overall. Cadillac, which was ranked first in customer satisfaction last year, fell into a tie for fourth place in this year's survey. Lincoln was deemed to have the least desirable brand status in the survey, as Ford's luxury arm finished dead last in the field of 12. Maybe the new MKS sedan will drive Lincoln out of the basement in next year's survey.

[Source: Marketing Daily via Motor Authority]

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