Hitachi Maxell and Subaru working on new lithium battery, boast 20x power improvement

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News comes by way of the Japanese news resource Nikkei that Hitachi Maxell is currently hard at work on a new lithium-based battery which does away with the problematic cobalt ingredient. We've gotten pretty used to seeing some very wild claims when it comes to new battery tech, so it may be hard to get too excited about this particular announcement until we actually see some goods to go along with it, but the idea of a battery with twenty times higher energy capacity is surely an exciting claim. Instead of the cobalt, manganese is being cited as the other main ingredient.

Along with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Nagasaki University, Fuji Heavy Industries is said to be involved. As you are probably already aware, Fuji is the parent company of Subaru, which has previously announced its interest in offering electric cars for sale. If they came with batteries this powerful, and at a reasonable price, color us very interested indeed.

[Source: Nikkei - sub. req'd via Engadget]

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