Predator EV3 Roadster under develpment, looks very familiar

Another new electric vehicle is sitting on the drawing board and making its way to the streets. Shockwave Motors, from Quest Enterprises (headquartered in Russellville, Tennessee), is trying to build the car you see in pencil and ink above. John M., from Quest, emailed AutoblogGreen to tell is that:

With the help of a team of experts, we are developing a "purpose built" electric car. We started with a clean sheet of paper and an open mind. The Predator EV3 Roadster© is designed from the ground up to capitalize on the efficiencies of an electric car, with an eye on a sporty design. Prototype testing is underway.

You can see a video of this testing after the jump. The Shockwave Motors website continues, and says that, "Our vision is to develop an efficient, three passenger, electric car. A personal transportation vehicle that is an innovative combination of the best of today's technology; sleek, aerodynamic styling; and conventional, lead-acid, traction batteries."

At least, that's what it looks like if you don't dig beyond the Shockwave Motors site. What's odd is that their page looks uncannily similar to the website for Drive Electric (also connected to Quest), which is working on something called the Defiant EV3© Roadster that looks a lot like the Predator. The Drive Electric site even has the exact same video footage (with different bumpers) and says it's from a test drive in 2005. I've emailed John for more information on what's going on with these two (?) companies and the car(s?) they are working on. For now, check out a picture of the Deviant after the jump.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[Source: Shockwave Motors]

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