Ford delays car payments for victims of Iowa tornado

Car payments are way down on the list of concerns for victims of the recent tornados in Iowa. Thus, Ford Motor Credit has introduced a Disaster Relief Program that will offer grace from one or two monthly payments to qualified customers. Lease customers, or buyers who financed purchases through Ford Credit or other brand-specific financing arms ( Jaguar Credit, Land Rover Capital, Mazda American Credit, Primus, or Volvo Car Fiance) will be notified by mail about how to register. Once registered, customers can postpone one or two months worth of payments, allowing them to focus on putting their lives back together again before worrying about the next check to Ford. We expect other automakers to follow Ford's lead this week as the extent of damage caused by Iowa's strongest tornadoes in 32 years is fully revealed.

[Source: Ford Motor Credit, Photo: NOAA]


Ford Motor Credit Offers Financial Relief to Tornado Victims

DEARBORN, Mich., May 30 -- Ford Motor Credit Company is offering customers affected by the recent devastating tornados in Iowa the option to delay some car payments. Ford Motor Credit's Disaster Relief Program allows qualified customers to delay one or two monthly payments, resuming their regular payment schedules when their situations improve.

Ford Motor Credit customers who are eligible for the Disaster Relief Program will be sent letters with instructions on how to register. The offer is available to customers who are leasing or have purchased vehicles with financing from Ford Credit, Jaguar Credit, Land Rover Capital, Mazda American Credit, PRIMUS or Volvo Car Finance.

Customers also may call the toll-free number listed for their brand to register for the Ford Motor Credit Disaster Relief Program:

Ford Credit: 1-800-723-4016
Jaguar Credit: 1-800-945-7000
Land Rover Capital Group: 1-877-507-2264
Mazda American Credit: 1-800-945-4000
PRIMUS Financial Services: 1-800-945-4000
Volvo Car Finance: 1-800-770-8234

"Some of our customers may have temporary financial problems because of the devastating tornado," said Mike Bannister, CEO and chairman. "We understand that. We hope our Disaster Relief Program will ease our customers' financial concerns as they focus on rebuilding and healing."

Ford Motor Credit Company LLC is one of the world's largest automotive finance companies and has supported the sale of Ford products since 1959. Ford Motor Credit is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. It provides automotive financing for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda and Volvo dealers and customers. More information can be found at and at Ford Motor Credit's investor center, .

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